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Patient Testimonials

I was in a rather serious car accident and had pain in my shoulder, neck and back. I went to the Spine & Injury Clinic and received treatment. The care I received was amazing! I really am not sure how I would have recovered from my accident without their care. Thank You
~Alisha B. – Laramie, WY

I suffered from back pain off and on for many years. I had pursued chiropractic and massage to relieve my pain and had seen 2 prior chiropractors. My pain had prevented me from resting well and driving comfortably. Seeing Dr. Milam has virtually eliminated my pain and given me exercises to do on my own to enhance the results. Dr. Milam is different because he focuses so much time with me each appointment to be sure that my issue is being fully addressed. He also has a rich background that allows him to give insight on my nutrition and other areas of health and fitness.
~Jason K. – Laramie, WY

I was experiencing horrible low back pain and went to an orthopedic surgeon for an appointment. He suggested I try chiropractic care at Dr. Milams clinic. I had never been to a chiropractor and was unsure of the idea. I did end up going to Dr. Milam and was feeling better very quickly. Dr. Milam got me on a series of exercises and stretches that I am still doing to this day and have had no problems.
~Chris R. – Laramie, WY

My doctor referred me to Dr. Milam for the pain I was having in my upper back. After a couple treatments I was feeling great.
~Ashley C. – Laramie, WY

I compete in Ironman triathalons and could not get by without help from Dr. Milam.
~Scott H. – Cheyenne, WY

My job forces me to spend much of my day at a desk working on my computer. I have had trouble with my neck and low back for many years. It was recommended I go see the Milams for chiropractic treatment and I was scared about trying chiropractic again due to a bad experience. Finally I worked up the courage to give it a try, and my life has literally changed because of it. Treatment was excellent and I was taught some simple ways to help myself remain pain free.
~Amanda J. – Laramie, WY

When I scheduled my first appointment with Dr. Milam, I was experiencing low back pain that just would not go away. It had worsened to a point where it interfered with my ability to work, exercise, sit, or even get out of bed in the morning. Dr. Milam quickly and accurately diagnosed it as a disc problem. His treatment in addition to exercises and muscle work had great and immediate results. Thanks to Dr. Milam, I was able to return to my daily routine within weeks without medication or invasive treatment.
~Henry T. – Laramie, WY

I had headaches almost daily for more than 10 years. I had been to chiropractors and had some relief, but the Milams showed me some home stretching and exercises that have ended my headaches. Thanks for all the help!
~Katherine B. – Laramie, WY

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